vendredi, août 05, 2016

Jan Mostaert .- Portrait of an African man, ou Christophle le More

Jan Jansz Mostaert

Portrait of an African Man (Christophle le More?)

vers 1525 - c. 1530

African man portrait Mostaert
Jan Mostaert (vers 1475-1552/1553)
Portrait of an African man, vers 1525-1530
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
This is the earliest and only individual portrait of a black African to have survived from the late middle ages and the Renaissance. =>

This is the only known portrait of a black man in early European painting. He may have served at the Brussels court of Emperor Charles V, who had a black archer called Christophle le More among his bodyguards. The badge of the Virgin on his cap is a souvenir of a pilgrimage to Halle (Brabant), a favourite destination of pilgrims from the Brussels court.

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